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LED Color Changing Drink Coaster

LED Color Changing Drink Coaster for adding style to any party.

You're a bar owner looking to jazz up the decor in order to attract a more stylish clientele. Or you own a club and want that special something to create ambiance. Maybe you love throwing parties and want to set the mood for a memorable gathering. These LED color changing drink coasters create the ideal mood for an unforgettable social setting. Dim the lights, place your glass on it, and watch the brilliant light show begin. A Cosmopolitan cocktail or a glass of Gin and Tonic will never be the same again.

The secret to this remarkable gadget is the LED circuitry which is built into the base of the coasters which continually radiates different colors. The best part however is that all the electronic components are properly sealed inside the solid plastic case so even if drinks get spilled on the coaster itself, there's no harm done. Just wipe it off and keep on using it.

Make your bar, tavern, night club, or disco shine with this one of a kind LED color changing drink coaster, get yours today and be ready to impress people in time for your next big hosted event.

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