2 Kelvin - Reloj LED Inspiración Japonesa - english

Presentamos el pack de dos relojes japoneses Kelvin LED , un dúo dinámico del planeta RELOJES DAMN GOOD LOOK que aumentan su factor cool por un trillón.

El Kelvin Uno es ligeramente menor que el Zero Kelvin que lo hace perfecto para su pareja. Sí, pida un pack y un reloj para usted y uno para su novia. A ella va a encantar y se lo agradecerá.  Ambos relojes funcionan de la misma manera. Pulse el botón de visualización en la parte derecha y la pantalla se iluminará como Geeks en el Comic. Hay 72 luces LED azul en la cara del reloj. Las primeras 12 luces LED visualizan la hora. Los otras 60 luces LED los minutos. Cool ¿eh?

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Two Kelvin - Japanese Inspired LED Watch Pack

Introducing The Two Kelvin Japanese LED Watch Pack, a dynamic duo from the planet DAMN THESE WATCHES LOOK GOOD which increases your coolness factor by like a gajillion times. So much so that you'd pwn John Coltrane and Jean Luc Picard it a coolness melee!

You mean these two watches really tell the time? Yes. Even though The Two Kelvin Japanese LED Watch Pack embodies Flock of Seagulls style and Duran Duran design with its Miles Davis Kind Of Blue LED's dancing against The Void like Kelvin Bacon dancing in Footloose or Kelvin Costner dancing in Dances With Wolves, the watches in this Japanese LED watch pack do in fact tell the time and does so really efficiently too!

The One Kelvin is slightly smaller than the Zero Kelvin which makes it perfect for your shorty*. Yeah pick up a pack, one watch for you and one watch for your girlfriend. She'll love it and she'll LOVE you for it. And by LOVE we mean you'll be getting SOME...brown chicken brown cow! Both watches operate the same way. Tap the display button on the right side of watches and the screen will light up like Geeks at Comic Con. There are 72 blue LED lights on the watch face. The first 12 LED lights display the hour. The other 60 LED lights display minutes. Cool huh? Yeah these watches are so cool they were Kelvin Klein jeans and read Kelvin and Hobbes comics!

Yes, Brad and Angelina are Two Kelvin pack customers as are Marvel super heroes Cloak and Dagger, Musical Super Duo Karen and Richard Carpenter, Cartoon Leading Man and First Lady Homer and Marge Simpson, as well as Notorious BIG and Faith Evans, Andre Agassi and Stefi Graf, and Kamin and Eline from Kataan. In reality, this watch pack is perfect for stellar cartographers, Gundam mechanics, 4chan-ners, and anyone who likes to spend most of their time at work surfing tvtropes.org!

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