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Introducing the new fitness system from the best-selling creators of The Firm:
The WAVE Personal Gym and Speed Slimming System

The WAVE is a revolutionary personal gym that combines cardio and strength training in Speed Slimming Intervals so you can blast off the pounds and chisel a leaner, shapelier, sexier body in record time. The Wave is an ab machine, butt and thigh toner, and cardio platform that allows you to do over 100 exercises to slim and tone your body in record time.


The WAVE offers:


The WAVE Personal Gym and Speed Slimming System

Over 100 total body sculpting & toning exercises included on ALL-NEW 4 DVD's!
Supercharged calorie burning every time you step, walk or rock on the WAVE
Flat abs through constant core muscle engagement
24/7 fat burning through Speed Slimming intervals combining cardio and strength training
Double-sided breakthrough design allows stepping and rocking exercises with one rugged, compact design
Strength, Toning and Slimming for your entire body


The WAVE Includes:

     • The Wave
     • Three WAVE Instructional WAVE Workout DVDs including

          o Ride The WAVE DVD
          o Speed Slimming SCULPT DVD
          o Rock it OFF DVD
     • The WAVE Mat
     • Success Guide Book
     • PLUS, our FREE Exclusive Bonus items - a $40 retail value

          o Express ABS DVD
          o The WAVE Learn the Moves Wall Chart
          o 30 Day FREE VIP Access to the FIRM Believers Club

Exclusive Introductory Offer! Save $29.95 off THE WAVE Personal Gym - Now only 3 payments of $29.95, Plus $40 in Bonus Products! Start today.

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Have you ever wished you could get in shape while watching TV?

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Ab Slider® Ab Slider®

Ab Slider® is the totally fast and easy way to shed inches, build muscles, and tone those "hard to" areas of the body. Once you have tried Ab Slider® you will wonder why something so simple cannot be part of your daily routine. The Ab Slider® allows you to slim, tone, and firm your muscles in just minutes a day. The dynamically designed Ab Slider® works your abs, arms shoulders and waist like no other muscle toning system anywhere. Get ready to lose that bulge, flab and paunch. Build and tone those muscles too. Right Now! You will start to feel Ab Slider® work with your very first workout. The smooth gliding action is the simple and effective secret of Ab Slider® Moving forwards and back will do the trick, or glide at a slight angle and tone those obliques too. No set up or assembly required. Each time you pull out Ab Slider®, just glide and go! Ab Slider® is: Uncomplicated Simple to use Easy to store Compact and space saving

Ab Doer Pro Ab Doer Pro

Ab Doer Pro An abdominal machine that works the abdominal muscles aerobically!! *Works your abdominal muscles in a comfortable seated position. **Padded rollers massage your back as you exercise. ***Ergonomically designed to take pressure off your spine. For many of us getting on the floor to do sit-ups or crunches is a task in itself. It can also be one of the greatest deterrents to achieving the fabulous-looking waistline that you've always wanted. With the AB-DOer you can achieve your dream waistline in just minutes a day! John Abdo, a physical fitness expert, saw the need for an abdominal exercise machine that simultaneously provides an effective aerobic workout, so he invented the AB-DOer. The AB-Doer is easy to use and most of all it's effective! So stop "waisting" time with sit-ups and start working on that waistline with your own AB-DOer!

Ab Dolly 2 Ab Dolly 2

AB Dolly 2 is the abdominal exerciser that trains all four abdominal groups simultaneously. With the AB Dolly 2, you'll tighten and tone your stomach with one simple movement. Best of all, AB Dolly 2 works you through a full range of motion, so you'll also target your hips, thighs, buttocks and lower back. The AB Dolly 2's four-wheel carriage design enables you to be in total control of your workout. This makes the AB Dolly 2 challenging enough for professional athletes but simple enough for people just starting out. The total freedom of movement lets you decide just how hard you want to work and what areas you want to attack. Better yet, the changeover time is instant because there are no bands to adjust for weights to add. With just a simple change in direction, you can target a specific problem area or just stretch out your back and shoulders.

Ab Flex II® Ab Flex II®

3 minutes a day equals 200 sit-ups on this portable abdominal machine. Having a six-pack is something most of us dream about but never achieve but with the Ab Flex II® it may be within your reach. You can have Perfect Abs in just 3 minutes a day with the Ab Flex II®. Just 3 minutes a day equals 200 sit-ups! You'll get 6 different abdominal exercises with this one machine, which has direct resistance that immediately isolates the abdominal muscles! Commit to your dream of a six-pack and order your Ab Flex II® today!

Ab Force Ab Force

If you're tired of having flabby abs but you're not sure what to do about it then you should try the Ab Force. This abdominal workout machine is the affordable "Total Upper Body Solution." It gives your upper and lower abdominal muscles a great workout while strengthening your arms, shoulders, back and waist. This effective abdominal exerciser concentrates your movement while it also allows you to customize your workout. If you're a beginner trying to find the perfect abdominal workout, the Ab Force is a great way to start because it's affordable AND effective! Glide your way to great abs with Ab Force! You won't even have to do any boring and monotonous sit-ups or crunches. You can customize your workout with the Ab Force, targeting major muscle groups with simple movements. You can tone and strengthen your lower and upper abdominal muscles while also working on your arms and shoulders.

Ab Sculptor Ab Sculptor

Have you ever tried to do abdominal crunches and found you have applied more energy pulling on your neck than you do actually performing the exercises the correct way? It's uncomfortable and irritating. That's why the Ab Sculptor was designed. It is a lightweight piece of equipment that keeps you in proper form and makes you more comfortable while you are exercising. This is the original abdominal exerciser and still the best. The Ab Sculptor helps eliminate neck and back strain during workouts, while maximizing the effectiveness of stomach exercises. It isolates your abdominal muscles for a sexier stomach and it takes just three minutes a day.

Torso Tiger Torso Tiger

Torso Tiger If you're tired of being noticed for your billowing belly or flabby abs then it's time to do something about it. Imagine how you'll feel once those negative glares turn into positive stares! Not only will your abs be more attractive, you'll feel better just knowing how far you've come. The Torso Tiger can produce positive results with just a 5-minute daily routine. Although we all lead busy lives, just 5 minutes out of your daily schedule can be the difference between the negative glares or positive stares. The Torso Tiger works your upper and lower abdominals, arms, chest, shoulders and back muscles all in the same movement! It's so easy you'll wish you did this sooner! Just place your knees on the knee pads, grab the handles then push forward! Beginners and seasoned pros can adjust the resistance of the cables to suit his/her needs. As your muscles get stronger, you can graduate to the next level of resistance. You'll never get bored with the Torso Tiger and you'll never even think about doing sit-ups or crunches ever again!

ExerFlex Exerciser Ball ExerFlex Exerciser Ball

The ExerFlexý exercise ball can help you tone and tighten your body with fun resistance exercises that will produce all-over results! The ExerFlexý is adjustable from sizes 50-65 cm and can hold up to 1000 lbs so just about anyone can use it. The ExerFlexý will help tone and strengthen your upper and lower body with various resistance exercises.

Magna Power Magnetic Therapy Kit Magna Power Magnetic Therapy Kit

Relieve your aching muscles with this extraordinary medical practice from China. The MAGNA POWER Magnetic Therapy Kit adapts this ancient technique into lightweight magnetic pads that help alleviate body aches and pains. Magnetic therapy is used to reduce pain, increase blood circulation, and relieve stress. The kit contains several magnetic pads with various uses. The "ab-lumbar" strap is placed on the hips, back, or abdomen to reduce pains. You also get large magnetic pads for your legs or arms and mini magnetic pads for your hands and feet.

Koolatron 12 V Massager Koolatron 12 V Massager

Finally a 12V massager which plugs into the cigarette lighter of any vehicle the Koolatron MASSAGER will massage and provide effective relief to all parts of the body while driving. The Koolatron Massager prevents numbness and tingling as it is perfect for those long drives. It soothes and relieves stress related to aches and pains in the back, neck and shoulders, legs, arms and even headaches. Relieves and relaxes pain due to exertion, strained muscles and fatigue. Complete with cigarette plug attachment and lengthy cord. Compact, convenient and easy to store. Patented. Made from imitation soft leather with extra soft foam inserts for maximum comfort. Fastens to most car seats with Velcro (included). Can be used on 110V or 220V with the Koolatron Optional Multipurpose Power Adapter.

Rio Ab Builder Rio Ab Builder

What do I get? Ab Builder Controller Plug-In Adapter 8 Adhesive Pads Splitter required to use all 8 pads Instructions Hard-shell Carrying Case 30 days money back guarantee *Do not use this equipment if you wear a pacemaker, have a heart disorder, epilepsy, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, skin disorders or if you are recovering from an operation. Pads should not be placed over scars, moles or varicose veins. Women who are pregnant or who have an IUD fitted should not use this product.

Ab Energizer™ Ab Energizer™

The most complete AB System on the market today. • 10 Intensity Levels • 2 Exercise Programs What do I get? • Ab Energizer™ Belt • Instructional and Weight Loss Guide • Instructional Video • 2 Electronic Exercising Units • Gel • Carrying Case • 30 day money back guarantee.

Ab Star™ Deluxe Ab Star™ Deluxe

Just turn on the machine and it starts working. • 10 intensity levels • 6 exercise programs Ten levels allow you to intensify your workout as you progress. What do I get? • Ab Star™ Deluxe • Conductive Gel • Long and Short Velcro Belts • 2 Batteries • Carry Pouch • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee *Do not use this equipment if you wear a pacemaker, have a heart disorder, epilepsy, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, skin disorders or if you are recovering from an operation. Pads should not be placed over scars, moles or varicose veins. Women who are pregnant or who have an IUD fitted should not use this product.

Smart Abs Smart Abs

Get smart with the Smart Abs system

Get trim abs quickly without crash dieting spending hours in the gym. Smart Abs is designed to flatten your abs and burn fat in the smartest, fastest easiest way. The unique auto-glide system is the secret to provide constant ab firming, fat burning resistance in one easy motion. Get those great looking abs while watching TV!

What do I get?
• Smart Abs system
• 20 minute training video
• 30 day money back guarantee

• Sculpts, chisels, and strengthens upper and lower abdominals and obliques.
• Target all 4 abdominal groups in 2 min a day.
• Unique auto-glide system.
• Seven levels of resistance.
• Training video included to help you get started.

With the Smart Abs System you'll lose ten pounds and two inches in just two weeks or your money back. With crunches you lift 1/3 of your body weight using unnecessary muscles, and they don't work your abs or obliques. Exercises targeting your obliques don't target the hard to tone lower abs. Only Smart Abs revolutionary design takes you off the floor, transforming sit-ups into more effective crunches targeting all four abdominal groups in just two minutes a day.

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