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www.iniciatives.net. Sitios gratis en espay en inglpara aprender y practicar el inglhaciendo amigos en todo el mundo. Cursos y Juegos en Ingl Tambiotros cursos y recursos.
Gana dinero vendiendo online y offline el cursos de ingl"Spoken English Course" con texto y audio que se puede tambiescuchar en iPod o MP3

Instrucciones en espa- Spoken English Course would sell for $139.00 if it was marketed like other English language courses. However, we make it available for downloading from our website. This is the new Spoken English Course for university and professional students. Other courses teach you to listen, speak, read, and write. Most of our students are professional and university students who have already spent many unproductive years learning to read and write English. Now they want to learn to speak fluent English. But when they study reading and writing using other courses, they must study using a computer or printed texts. Our students can use a computer to study Spoken English Course, but even with a computer, they only study spoken English. But they can also study using only an iPod or MP3 player. This Free, downloadable spoken English course includes:

* an explanation of the course in many languages (see the Information for the Student section on the home page.),
* a complete Student Workbook with over 450 pages (available on the CD format),
* 15 hours of recorded English exercises in both MP3 and wma formats with enough lesson material to allow the average student to study spoken English at home for two hours each day for nine months,
* a CD which can be used on either a computer or in an MP3 player,
* the audio lessons may be downloaded to an iPod or MP3 player with memory,
* spoken English exercises using 103 common irregular verbs including all persons and tenses, and
* 54 pages of tables about English words, numbers, meanings, verbs, grammar, and many other subjects.
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