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When you sell products that pay one time commissions,
no matter how much you make that month, you have to START OVER next month.
Secrets of the Big DogsIt's okay to offer products that offer one time commissions . However, the key, and what you should shoot for in the long run, is promoting programs that will pay you month after month. The best way to do this is to promote Web Based MLM Opportunities.

Web Based MLM's, unlike their traditional off-line counter-parts, offer many more advantages, which include:
  1. Being Managed 100% Hassle Free.
  2. Are all Promoted Totally Online.
  3. Require NO Overhead.
  4. Require ZERO Inventory.
  5. You can make money with this system within one hour.
  6. Never Requires you to make cold calls.
  7. NO Administrative Concerns.
When you promote products that pay One-Time Commissions, you're building someone else's business. The goal of every successful netpreneur should be to go into a business of their own. When you sell products that pay one time commissions, no matter how much you make that month, you have to start over next month.

Doing this is a rough road over time. In fact, just think about this. When you're selling products for other people, it's like you're an employee all over again. Isn't that what you're trying to get away from? I mean if you can't make the sales, you don't get the money.

Promoting MLM's is different. With some work, some advertising, and the right guidance (which we provide), you can eventually have many other people building YOUR business for you. The same theory applies to Online Marketing as applies to Offline Employment. Just as you'll never get rich working for someone else in the Offline World, you'll never get rich in the Online world promoting Products that pay one time commissions.

The fact is, this is a fast-paced world, no matter where you live, and time is crucial. The sooner you learn that the quickest way to get rich is to be involved in an MLM, the sooner you'll start building enough residual income to quit your full time job! Now you might balk at the word MLM. Ever hear of 3 small companies by the names of Hewlett Packard, IBM and McDonalds? They are all Multi-Level in Nature. Did you know that even the Government and the Military Operates on a Multi-Level System?


This ebook examines in extreme detail how to m
ake a VERY substantial income from two interconnected sources. First of all, an affiliate earns from each sale of the Big Dogs ebook, which is paid to You via ClickBank every two weeks. But front-end sales constitute just the tip of the iceberg, the REAL money – the long-term, RESIDUAL money – comes in the form of the on-going, residual commissions paid to you by Ten of the Best Paying MLM Internet companies. What makes this concept so unique is that it's possible to EFFECTIVELY promote Ten different programs simultaneously! Merely by promoting just ONE URL , where you're actually promoting all Ten programs. The beauty of this concept is that you, personally, don’t have to promote the programs, The eBook promotes them all FOR you!

Benefits of Reading the E-Book:
If you've ever wanted to drive tons of highly targeted traffic to your Web site, MLM, on-line store, or nearly any other dot-com business, you know how hard it can *usually* be to attract just one or two or even a dozen eyeballs to your Web site each day.

How Would You Like To:
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  1. You'll receive the Big Dog Bulletin for Life.
  2. You'll know what it takes to retire within 1 year.
  3. It's only $19.95, YOU can afford it.
  4. It comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  5. You'll make money, even if you never made any before.
  6. (Top Notch Support).
  7. Better Business Online Reliability Program
Once you purchase "SECRETS of the BIG DOGS!", you'll receive the Big Dog Bulletin for LIFE.
Secrets of the Big Dogs