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Telocity High Speed DSL Launched

Cognigen is pleased to announce the newest addition to our
Internet Services group of products - Telocity, America's
number 1 high speed internet provider.


With Telocity High-Velocity DSL Internet Service, pages 
that used to take excruciating minutes to load via dial-up 
now jump to life in merciful seconds, up to 50 times faster! 


3- Home Security Launched

Studies show burglars will commit crimes somewhere else 
when confronted with a burglar alarm system - particularly 
home security systems that are monitored. 

Cognigen Networks Inc announced last week our newest 
addition to our line of products and services, home security 
systems.  Protect America, one of America's fastest growing 
providers of home security monitoring service, was selected 
from a very competitive pool of service providers to become 
the first home security vendor for Cognigen

Protect America, Inc. will take the orders directly from 
thisweb site, http://cognigen.net/protectamerica/?iniciatives 
handle all customer service,  and provide 24-hour home monitoring 
service for your customers. 


4- Windows NT Hosting Available

Extreme Programming has been selected as Cognigen's
second web hosting provider.  Extreme offers agents Windows NT
hosting packages that range from $25 to $100/month in price.
One of Extreme's hottest selling packages is their *Mirror Hosting*
product, which costs a mere $9.95/month.  Mirror Hosting is NOT
a domain forwarding or pointing service.  Extreme's scripts will
actually "suck" out the HTML code of any page you specify on
the net, and reconstruct the page on it's own server -- all under
your own domain www.domain-name.com 

Mirror hosting is perfect for the Cognigen agent who wishes
to set up their own domain without having to bother with HTML
code or FTP software.

Extreme also has a staff of web designers to help you design,
remodel, or reprogram your web site projects.  Did you know
you can send them design jobs and earn a commission on it?

URL: http://extreme-programming.com/?iniciatives (Extreme Programming)
URL: http://www.warpspeedhosting.net/ldsignup/?iniciatives (Warp Speed)


5- Improving Customer Loyalty

As many of you know, retaining customers in today's
competitive environment is difficult.  AT&T, WorldCom,
and Sprint spend millions of dollars to retain and 'win back'
customers.  However, there are far better ways to increase
your bottom line and make your customers stick.

Rule 1- Relationships are the key

As you promote your Cognigen services, make a special
effort to develop a rapport with your clients.  Show that
you not only care about saving them money, but about them
personally.  Your clients will be loyal to you as a person,
and ignore the chidings of the large companies. 

You can also accomplish this via email.  Use words and
phrases such as "your satisfaction is my business" and
"we look forward to serving you".  Common courtesy 
and professionalism go along way in customer retention.

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