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Simplicidad, Implementación & Efectividad: Los operadores del escáner del código de barras pueden aprender a usarlo efectivamente en menos de 20 minutos y a cambio verán reducidos los costes de trabajo manual. El código de barras proporciona el nivel más alto de seguridad en una amplia variedad de aplicación de recolección de datos. Los sistemas de código de barras crean valor no solo ahorrando tiempo sino también impidiendo errores costosos.
Incremente la productividad y transforme su almacén en un sueño de organización con este innovador escáner de código de barras.

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Bar Code Scanner with USB for Businesses

Increase productivity and transform your stock room and warehouse in to an organized dream land with this innovative bar code hand-held scanner.

If you're seeking investment protection and great value in a small light scanner that assures maximum productivity, then this unit is the ideal scanner for you. This Bar Code Scanner with USB for Businesses helps you better organize and maintain your inventory stock. This special bar code scanner can decode EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E Codabar, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleave 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5 and many others codes, allowing you to read all the industry standard bar codes off of all your products and packages.*

Simply connect the bar code scanner to your PC using the USB cable provided, then scan the appropriate UPC code within the instruction manual provided to set your new bar code scanner. This process takes mere minutes and you'll be able to start using you new barcode scanner right away.

Designed with the user in mind and careful ergonomics, this handheld barcode scanner comes especially shaped to be held and operated comfortably. After using the bar code scanner, you don't have to leave it lying on the table, provided with this model is a holder + stand. Bar code systems provide an array of benefits, including operational efficiency, better customer service, and improved visibility of key business information to management.

Simplicity, Implementation & Cost Effectiveness:Operators of barcode scanners can learn to use the equipment effectively in less than 20 minutes, and this in turn will reduce system costs for manual labor. Bar code provide the highest level of reliability in a wide variety of data collection applications. Bar code systems create value not only by saving time, but also by preventing costly errors.

Information is your most valuable asset, so you need the most reliable data management systems available for your budget. Wrong information in your supply-chain or operations can create unacceptable risks, lost business and higher operating expenses. Protect your organization by ensuring data accuracy and availability.

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